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-B- Authors

e-Sword.net modules


Go to my personal website page for working links: http://www.davidcox.com.mx/e-swordmodules/topicsB.htm


Baier - Compendium of Positive Theology


Barth, Karl

Barth, Karl - Prayer And Preaching.xxe in lucid78's Other Stuff

Barth, Karl - Prayer And Preaching in Tofy.net


Baxter, Batsell Barrett

Neither Catholic, Protestant nor Jew - Batsell Barrett Baxter



Baxter- Mere Christian 

Baxter- The Saint's Rest

Baxter- The Reformed Pastor

Baxter - The Reformed Pastor.top


Belloc, Hilaire

Belloc-The-Great-Heresies.zip in eSword for Catholics



Berkhof - A Summary of Christian Doctrine


Best, W.E.

Free Grace Versus Free Will - www.gospelgrace.com/webest/esword/FreeGraceVersusFreeWill.zip

Life Brought To Light - www.gospelgrace.com/webest/esword/LifeBroughtToLight.zip

Regeneration And Conversion - www.gospelgrace.com/webest/esword/RegenerationAndConversion.zip

The Born Again Phenomenon - A Coverup For Heresy www.gospelwgrace.com/webest/esword/TheBornAgainPhenomenonACoverupForHeresy.zip

No Proper Name Given To Christ's Assembly - www.gospelgrace.com/webest/esword/NoProperNameGiventoChristsAssembly.zip

Gods Eternal Decree - www.gospelgrace.com/webest/esword/GodsEternalDecree.zip

Honoring The True God - www.gospelgrace.com/webest/esword/HonoringTheTrueGod.zip


Betts, George Herbert

Betts, George Herbert - How to Teach Religion.zip in E-sword

Betts, George Herbert - How To Teach Religion in Tofy.net


Bjornson, Bjornsterne

Bjornson, Bjornstjerne - Absalom's Hair in Tofy.net


Boardman, G

Boardman, G - Baptism A Symbol in Tofy.net


Bonar, Horatius

Bonar,_Horatius - The Everlasting Righteousness Index.zip in E-sword

Bonar - Night of Weeping created by DCox

Bonar - God's Way of Peace  created by DCox

Bonar - Words to Winners of Souls created by DCox

Bonar - Truth and Error created by DCox

Bonar - True Revival and the Men God Uses created by DCox

Bonar - Rent Veil  created by DCox

Bonar - Person of Christ created by DCox

Bonar - Development of Antichrist created by DCox

Bonar - Everlasting Righteousness created by DCox

Bonar, Horatius - Christ Died for the Ungodly.top

Bonar, Horatius - Follow the Lamb.top

Bonar, Horatius - The Gospel of the Spirit's Love.top

Bonar, Horatius - The Night of Weeping.top

Bonar, Horatius - The Saint And The Seventh Chapter Of Romans in Tofy.net


Boettner, Loraine

Boettner, Loraine - The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination.top

Boettner, Loraine - The Reformed Faith.top


Booth, Abraham

Booth, Abraham - The Reign of Grace.top


Booth, William A

Founder of Salvation Army

Booth, William A - General - Bio - Founder Of The Salvation Army in Tofy.net

William Booth - In Darkest England And The Way Out in Tofy.net


Boston, Thomas

Boston, Thomas - Come Unto Me All Ye That Labour.top

Boston, Thomas - The Crook in the Lot.top

Boston, Thomas - Useful Directions for Reading and Searching the Scriptures.top


Bounds, E.M.

E.M. Bounds - Bio-The Mighty Prayer Warrior in tofy.netE.M. Bounds - Essentials Of Prayer in tofy.net

E.M. Bounds - Possibilities Of Prayer in tofy.net

E.M. Bounds - Power Through Prayer in tofy.net

E.M. Bounds - Prayer And The Praying Man in tofy.net

E.M. Bounds - Reality Of Prayer in tofy.net

E.M. Bounds - The Necessity Of Prayer in tofy.net



Boyce - Abstract of Systematic Theology

Boyce, James P - Abstract Of Systematic Theology in Tofy.net


Abstract of Systematic Theology.top By Ric 1.0 on Dec. 18 2005

Boyce - Brief Catechism of Bible Doctrine

Boyce, James P. - A Brief Catechism of Bible Doctrine.top

Brief Catechism of Bible Doctrine.top in Reference

Boyce, James P - Brief Catechism Of Bible Doctrine in tofy.net


Bradford, Amory H

Bradford, Amory H. - The Ascent of the Soul.zip in E-sword

Bradford, Amory H. - The Ascent Of The Soul  in tofy.net




Brainerd, David - Bio - Missionary To The American Indiansin tofy.net


Broadus, John

Broadus, John A-25 Sermons.top in eSwordBaptist

Broadus, John A - 25 Sermons in tofy.net


Brengle, Samuel

Brengle - When the Holy Spirit is Come

Brengle - Way into Holiness 

Brengle - Soul Winner's Secrets  

Brengle - Helps to Holiness 

Brengle - Heart Talks on Holiness

Brengle - Ancient Prophets


Brooks, Thomas

Brooks, Thomas - An Ark For All God's Noahs In A Gloomy Stormy Day  in tofy.net


Brown, David

Brown, David (JFB) - Chronological Table Of The Parables Of Christ.rar in E-sword

Brown, David (JFB) - Chronological Table Of The Parables Of Christ.rar


Brown, John

Brown, John - Christ The Way, the Truth, and the Life.zip in E-sword

Brown, John - Christ The Way, The Truth, And The Life in tofy.net



Bruce, Tammy

Bruce, Tammy - The Facts About Israel.rar in E-sword

Bruce, Tammy - The Facts About Israel.rar



Bullinger - Number In Scripture  in tofy.net


Bunyan, John

Bunyan  in tofy.net

Bunyan, John - Bio - English Baptist Preacher & Writer in tofy.net



Burroughs - The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment



Burton's Syntax, Moods, and Tenses in the Greek NT (formatted as a Topic File)


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