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-A- Authors

 e-Sword.net modules



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Abbott, John

The Christian Mother DCox  New 10/07


Abelson, J 

Jewish Mysticism wayman29@yahoo.com  New 10/07


Adams, John Quincy

Adams, Rev. John Quincy - Baptists - The Only Thorough Reformers.top pastorthroop.com


Ainsworth, Percy

Ainsworth, Percy - The Threshold Grace


Albert, San

On Cleaving to God DCox New 10/07


Alexander, Archibald

Thoughts on Religious Experience DCox New 10/07


Alexander, James

Consolation DCox New 10/07

My Brother's Keeper DCox New 10/07



Judah's Sceptre & Joseph's Birthright groups.yahoo.com/group/e-sword_off_topic  New 10/07


Allen, A.A.

The Price of God's Miracle Working Power e-swordfiles.com | dnspad.com   New 10/07



Alarm to the Unconverted DCox  New 10/07



American Tract Society

American Tract Society Bible Dictionary (ATSBD).zip


Apostolic Father

The Apostolic Fathers - Greek and Latin text (formatted as a Topic File)



Athanasius - On the Incarnation.top

The Athanasian Creed.top



Augustine - On the Trinity - Book I.top

Augustine - On the Trinity - Book II.top



THEODORE AUSTIN-SPARKS (1888-1971) left behind a treasury of writings filled with the Wisdom, Life and Revelation of Christ. He felt that whatever was given by the One Spirit of God should be freely shared with the One Body of Christ - what belongs to the One, belongs to all. He did not want his writings or tapes copyrighted; freely giving to the Body what was freely received from the Head.


Austin-Sparks - Discipline unto Prayer.top.zip in E-Sword English Topic Files

1 Unmoved and Undismayed 2 "Windows Open Toward Jerusalem" 3 Meekness of the Man of God 4 The Tragedy of the Unfinished Task 5 "Gather My Saints Together" 6 "Whither the Tribes Go Up" 7 Gathered of God 8 "A House of Prayer for All People" 9 The Church's Prayer and Spiritual Increase 10 The Church His Body 11 Corporate Prayer 12 The Divine Ministry of Delay 13 The Eternal Reward of Labour and Suffering 14 Recovery of the Glory 15 Discipline Unto Prayer


Austin-Sparks - Divine Order - In Christ.top.zip in E-Sword English Topic Files

Chapter 1 - Knowledge of Christ Chapter 2 - Harmony Chapter 3 - Creation Chapter 4 - The Significance of Christ in His Cross Chapter 5 - The Cross and the Disruptive Power of Sin


Austin-Sparks - Followers of the Lamb.top.zip in E-Sword English Topic Files

Chapter 1 - The Company on Mount Zion Chapter 2 - The Lamb Chapter 3 - The Pathway of the Lamb Chapter 4 - The Climax of the Way of the Lamb


Austin-Sparks - Convincing Evidence.top.zip in E-Sword English Topic Files

Chapter 1 - This Matter of Christian Unity Chapter 2 - Persons, Ministries, Functions Chapter 3 - "That the World may Believe"


Austin-Sparks - Faith unto Enlargement through Adversity.top.zip in E-Sword English Topic Files

Chapter 1 - Faith Unto Enlargement Through Adversity Chapter 2 - The Key Of Faith Chapter 3 - The Key of Faith (concluded) Chapter 4 - Faith In Relation To Life Chapter 5 - In Relation To God's Principle Chapter 6 - Light Through Death And Resurrection Chapter 7 - The Shining Of The Light


Austin-Sparks - From the Wilderness to the Land.top.zip in E-Sword English Topic Files

Chapter 1 - The Distance of Difference Chapter 2 - The Purpose of the Wilderness Chapter 3 - The Entry Into The Land Chapter 4 - A Decisive Step of Faith


Austin-Sparks - Discipleship in the School of Christ.top.zip in E-Sword English Topic Files

Chapter 1 - The Chief Occupation of a Disciple Chapter 2 - The Nature of Divine Life Chapter 3 - The Quality of Divine Life Chapter 4 - Divine Life, Unlimited by Time and Space Chapter 5 - Divine Life and Deliverance from Bondage to Sin and Death Chapter 6 - Divine Life: All-Sufficient and Inexhaustible Chapter 7 - Divine Life: Triumphant Over Natural Forces Chapter 8 - Divine Life by Spiritual Sight Chapter 9 - Divine Life: Overcoming Death in its Fullness


Austin-Sparks - Glorying in the Lord.top.zip in E-Sword English Topic Files

Chapter 1 - The Wisdom of the World Chapter 2 - The Wisdom Which is From Above Chapter 3 - The Supreme Importance of a Living and Clear Apprehension of Christ Chapter 4 - The Appeal of God's Full Thought


Austin-Sparks - Called unto the Fellowship of His Son.top.zip in E-Sword English Topic Files

Chapter 1 - The Person of the Call and the Fellowship Chapter 2 - The People and the Purpose of the Call Chapter 3 - The Process of the Call Chapter 4 - The Prospect of the Call Chapter 5 - The Peril of the Call


Austin-Sparks - Christ our All.top.zip in E-Sword English Topic Files

Chapter 1 - Christ Our Life Chapter 2 - Christ Our Mind

Chapter 3 - Christ the All-Dominating Object and Prize


Austin-Sparks, T (1958) - Revelation of Jesus Christ.top in skeptic believer's great files


Austin-Sparks, T - 1958 - Revelation Of Jesus Christ

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