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Page history last edited by David Cox 12 years, 10 months ago

e-sword Wiki

This wiki is for reference to find e-Sword modules. 


This page is edited and maintained by Missionary David Cox.





Jul 6, 2011 We are starting a new e-Sword Module website, www.eswordlibrary.com where I will be putting up e-Sword modules with Jay Fuzzell. Although I will not be working in e-Sword any more, we collect e-Sword modules for conversion to TheWord which is vastly superior in features, use, and modules than e-Sword. It would be better if you upgraded to theWord. (Visit http://www.theword.net). What you are lacking in E-Sword, TheWord has, has it better, is constantly adding new features, and is just a superior program all around.


I have a website for theWord modules http://www.twmodules.com, and I upload around 5 new modules PER DAY to that site, so the module base is very large and growing. We are converting all the e-Sword modules we can also to this format. But for those die-hards who like using an inferior product, we are making the eswordlibrary.com site for hosting these e-sword modules.


It will probably be a month or so before we get all the "kinks out of the system" over there and actually upload a good amount of files, but we are working on this. Check back.


Table of Contents


This is a wiki for e-Sword modules for the free e-Sword Bible program. I am using it as a contact with all e-Sword users. This website is able to be edited by you. I would like for people to put their e-Sword modules in these pages for others to view. I assume no responsibility if you modules break any laws. If you are looking for a place to upload modules, www.esnips.com is free and will give you 5GB free or go to http://www.eswordexchange.org/rw/index.php where you can upload them for free.) This wiki is only for linking to your website. YOU CAN EDIT THESE PAGES ONLINE. Create a link and description to your e-Sword modules.


What I include - I generally only include files here that meet one of two requirements: (1) the material is in an e-Sword format. (2) the material is specifically about the e-Sword program in some way, shape, or form. People are seeing the popularity of e-Sword and are tagging files that do not meet either of these criterias, and I in general unilaterally ignore these files as piggy-backers on the e-Sword fame. (Shame on you for doing this!)


General Warning and Notification:


I am a pastor and missionary (Baptist). As such I filter (exclude) some of the modules which I come across. I will not include in these files works that are distinctly non-religious, or not profitable for Bible Study. That means anything having to do with Moslems, Hinduism, Magic, Satanism (except from a Bible confuting position), I generally just skip over. If you are one of these religions, sorry, I am not going to help you find modules for you to continue in your religion. I do not think e-Sword (which has the Christian Bible as the base for use and study) is really a program that is for you. Other than that, please note than there are false doctrine strewn through these modules, so buyer beware! You must discern what is good and what is bad. I do not filter out any modules which is different from my beliefs or position, because even cults and false religions are useful sometimes in refuting them. But I limit my energy and efforts to what is considered by me to be "within Christianity" as broadly as you can define it. As I get time I will try to research and place orientation notes on the authors, but that will be probably be late 2007 early 2008 if God grants me life and energy.


Other Exclusions


As a side note, there is a appleman64093 who is putting up a great number of files on esnips.com with e-Sword tags but they are all in html format. Why he tags them with e-Sword is beyond me, just piggy-backing on e-Sword's greater popularity. I unilaterally exclude all files from him whether they say "html format" or not because of his actions.


I also exclude all of Jonathan Blakes pdf files because I do not see where knowing that modules exist but not telling us where they are located is of any use whatsoever. Moreover, this wiki is essentially the same thing (only done right), so I do not include his files as a rule. If in the future he puts links or websites, I might consider including them. Actually this type of thing needs to go into a web page where you can click and go to it.



e-Sword Help Resources

David Cox's e-Sword

Help Pages                                                                          Copright Information in General

How to Use e-Sword                                                            Installation of e-Sword             

General Information on e-Sword                                          Installation of e-Sword modules


How to do things within e-Sword



Topic Format Modules

Topic Format Modules by Topic-Theme



THEOLOGY TOPICS                   GENERAL TOPICS                  PRACTICAL TOPICS                        ERROR


DoctrineTheology (6 modules)   BibleHistory ()                       DevotionalInspirational ()                   CultsFalsereligions (2)

Bibliology ()                          ChurchHistory ()                    FamilyPractical ()                              Satanology ()                

Theology (proper) (4)             CreedsandConfessions (1)       BiblicalPersons ()                              Demonology () 

Christology (1)                      MissionsEvangelism ()                   SpecialProblems ()

Pnuematology ()                    ReviVal ()                            WorksPeople ()                     

Patriology (God the Father) ()  PreacherPastor ()                  CommentariesTopformat ()              

Anthropology ()                     GreekHebrew ()                     MultiVolumeWorks ()              

Harmatology ()                      PastoralCounseling () 

Soteriology (1)                      Sermons (1)

Eschatology () 

Ecclesiology ()   

Angelology ()


Topic Modules by Author Last Name


SPANISH: 0-9 Anonimo A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z


Commentary Modules CMT


Dictionary Modules DCT

English Dictionary Modules [17 downloads] 

Spanish Dictionary Modules [69 downloads]



Bible Modules BBL

English Bibles [26 versions]

Spanish Bibles [23 versiones]

Greek Bibles [10 versions]

Hebrew Bibles [1 versions]

Other Language Bibles [13 versions]


Devotional Modules

Chambers, Oswald - My Utmost for His Highest

My Utmost for His Highest.dev in Reference


STEP Modules

Note that although I have put the STEP modules I find on this page (below), they are also mixed in with the Topic Modules.

STEP Modules


Pocket e-Sword Modules



e-Sword Module Creation Help Resources


For Creators of Modules

If you create modules with religious content, please email me at dcox at davidcox.com.mx and send me your website URL. I will try to incorporate all of your modules into this list. If you post modules on esnips.com, I regularly (about every month or so) go through all the e-Sword, and esword tags and recheck them for entry into my lists. I would appreciate your esnips page anyway if you have recently posted new files. My email for e-Sword information is esword at davidcox.com.mx.


Copyright Information

Go to my esword page to look for notes on the copyright status of various files. Please respect the copyright laws. Works that are under copyright should not be put into e-Sword format unless you are the copyright owner, or you have specific permission for doing so from the copyright owner (which a recognition of this should be included in the resource). Please note that only the copyright owner of a work can ask a person to remove a copyrighted work. If you are not the copyright owner, your only recourse is to send a letter or email to the copyright owner and notify him of an infringement or a suspected infringe of his copyright. I do not track down the copyright status of every work linked to here because (1) that would be impossible (many being out of copyright by age, but back into copyright because of translation, formatting, or simply being put into the e-Sword format). (2) that is not my responsibility but the responsibility of the copyright owner to investigate and defend his copyrights. Note that every single e-Sword module is automatically under a copyright of the person who formatted it into e-Sword. Therefore nothing for e-Sword is really out of copyright status. What the copyright owners do with their creation is there business. It is unethical, unwise for you to copy and post other people's e-Sword modules to your website or other places on the net. You should only post what you create, and you should link to the rest. A work out of copyright by age but put into an e-Sword format is under the copyright of the creator of the module and you should ask that person's permission before reposting. He is the current copyright owner and should be respected as such.


If some third party infringes on their copyright, the owner should confront the infringing party and if necessary seek legal assistant. If a copyright owner writes to me protesting my link to a copyright infringed work, I will remove that link, but please only the copyright owner can ask that of a website, no third parties! I would request an explanation of when and where the work was established to be under your copyright, and why you believe you have the rights over it.





WishList - If you would like a resource in an esword format, please go here to WishList to enter the information for the resource you want in e-Sword format. This is voluntary way of asking somebody to please look into placing something into an e-Sword format. Once somebody posts their "wish" then somebody else can look into making a TOP, DCT, or CMT from it.


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