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Modules Creados by David Cox  


(from works in the Public Domain, or with permission)

[68 modules]


Abbott - The Christian Mother

Adam Clarke Christian Theology

Sir Robert Anderson 25 works

Austin-Sparks - A Candlestick all of Gold

Austin-Sparks - A Way of Growth

Austin-Sparks - According to Christ

Austin-Sparks - As it was in the Beginning

Austin-Sparks - Because He saw His Glory

Austin-Sparks - But Ye are come unto Mount Zion

Austin-Sparks - Called unto the Fellowship of His Son

Austin-Sparks - Christ our All

Austin-Sparks - Convincing Evidence

Austin-Sparks - Discipleship in the School of Christ

Austin-Sparks - Discipline unto Prayer

Austin-Sparks - Divine Order - In Christ

Austin-Sparks - Faith unto Enlargement through Adversity

Austin-Sparks - Followers of the Lamb

Austin-Sparks - From the Wilderness to the Land

Austin-Sparks - Fundamental Questions of the Christian Life

Austin-Sparks - Glorying in the Lord

Baxter- The Reformed Pastor

Baxter- The Saint's Rest

Baxter- Mere Christian

Berkhof - Introduction to NT

Bonar - Everlasting Righteousness

Bonar - God's Way of Holiness

Bonar - Development of Antichrist

Bonar - Person of Christ

Bonar - Night of Weeping

Bonar - Rent Veil

Bonar - True Revival and the Men God Uses

Bonar - Truth and Error

Bonar - God's Way of Peace

Bonar - Words to Winners of Souls

Boyce - Abstract of Systematic Theology

Brengle - Ancient Prophets

Brengle - Heart Talks on Holiness

Brengle - Helps to Holiness

Brengle - Love Slaves

Brengle - Soul Winner's Secrets

Brengle - Way into Holiness

Brengle - When the Holy Spirit is Come

Burton - Syntax of Moods and Tenses in NT Greek

Burroughs - The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment

Chafer - Ephesians

Chafer - Major Bible Themes

Chafer - True Evangelism

Chafer - Grace

Chafer - Satan

Chafer - He that is Spiritual

Chiniquy - 50 Yrs in Church of Rome

Dagg - Manual of Theology

Evans - Great Doctrines of the Bible

Gaebelein - Work of Christ: Past, Present, and Future

Kuyper - Work of Holy Spirit

Moule - Outlines in Christian Doctrine

Newberry - Types of the Tabernacle - Temple

Pink - Attributes of God

J.C. Ryle - Tracts by Ryle

Torrey - How to Pray

Torrey - Keep praying until God Answers

Torrey - Open Air Meetings

Torrey - 10 Reasons why I believe the Bible is the Word of God

Torrey - Use of Tracts

Tozer- Christ the Eternal Son

Tozer - Exposition on Revelation

Trench- The Parables of Christ

Turretin - 21 Questions on Doctrine of Scripture

Whyte - Teach us to Pray.


If you believe that one of these works is incorrectly here because you have the copyright over this work, please write me about it and I will probably take it down if you are right.


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